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1935 PV36 Carioca by Ivan Ornberg

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Carioca is an interesting history of Volvo arriving in the spring of 1935. PV36 is quite famous in automotive history because it was made by Ivan Örnberg, a powerful and versatile engineer who came to Volvo in 1931 from Hupp Motor Co. in Detroit, the maker of Hupmobile.

Aerodynamics and efficient vehicles have become the object of many automotive manufacturers. Volvo does show a sleek car, but designing, style and producing cars requires a lot of time and effort. Especially if busy with various scale models takes several years.

PV36 is Volvo’s first car with a round and fat steel body. It relies on a separate frame with substantial cross ties but with a relatively short wheelbase. With front wheels moving independently of each other during vertical movements – which greatly improves handling and driving.

Equipped with the latest version of the six-cylinder engine, the EC has a capacity of 3.67 liters and with more than 80 horsepower. It hides under a steel hood integrated with the front of the headlamps, around the traditional yet beautiful Volvo radiator grille that follows the shape of the front rather than stand alone like the other Volvo.

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